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Avion ULM Nynja - baptêmes de l'air - Survol du Perche .fr
Trip advisor Survol du Perche

Flights over famous landmarks to see

in the Perche area

Microlight aircraft trial flights

at Bellême, in Normandy

What type of Microlight can I fly ?

only with a fixed wing type of microlight (3 axis).

Are there any age, weight or medical restrictions ?

Almost anyone can fly – the only restrictions is weigh less than 16 stone/220 lbs for everyone (100kg). And about seven years old for children.

How long can I fly ?

We offer 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes flights. If you’d like to fly for longer, that’s no problem – just give us a call and you can book a longer flight.

What do I need to bring with me ?

A camera, sunglasses and comfortable flat shoes (not flip flops) are a good idea, and skirts/dresses are not advisable for example. And please remember your voucher if any !

Can I choose where I fly ?

You might live locally and want to fly over your house, or you might want to fly over a particular area. Where possible, we will endeavour to fulfil any particular requests. Please give us a call before booking to discuss your requirements.

Can I bring spectators ?

Yes, of course! And make sure they bring their camera!

Is my flight weather dependent ?

Yes. All microlight flying is weather dependent and if the weather is too poor on the day of your flight it will be cancelled.

We always try to give you as much notice as possible and simply re-book your Air Experience Flight to another date of your choice.

What happens during a typical

trial flight

This is what you can expect

on the day of your flight

Meet & Greet

You’ll be welcomed to Airfield by your Instructor


Your Instructor will go through a safety briefing with you and familiarise you with the aircraft.

Take to the skies

Take in the view as you fly serenely above the Normandy countryside. The scenery is stunning and depending on which compass heading your flight takes you on, you could see the magic of Perche countryside and old manors, in Normandy


Take control

Once airborne at a safe height, you will have the opportunity to take control of the aircraft and fly yourself. Take advantage of the 1 hour flight – you get a lot more time at the controls, time to really get a feel of what it’s like to fly your own aircraft besides being simply a lot more fun!

Flight complete

debriefing and congratulations !

Aérodrome ULM dans l'Orne LF6152 à Bellême dans le Perche en Normandie
Our airfiled in Normandy
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